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This Superman is too much like a native

This Superman is too much like a native

This Superman is too much like a native

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    This Superman is too much like a native
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    Crying haze Beaver
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2023-02-20 14:38:41
When luoqiu woke up, the world became very strange the imperial sister who shared the rent became Xiaoqing in the origin of the White Snake, the second brother downstairs became Naruto and Sasuke, and the uncle in the next community was actually white beard... the super power in the second dimensional works came to humans at random, and the world began to become more complex in addition to super powers, some monsters are quietly invading the world. Ordinary humans without super powers have no power to fight back against these monsters and are slaughtered like livestock "I've said many times that I'm Superman, not Chinese!" Luo Qiu carefully explained. Then she smiled wildly and shot out a hot line of sight, cutting the scale free giant in front of them and the tall building behind them in half "God bless the world, I love the world."

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