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It rains thousands of miles at night

It rains thousands of miles at night

It rains thousands of miles at night

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    It rains thousands of miles at night
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    Planet also
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    Only Novel
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2023-03-10 23:49:57
It rained in Beijing for more than a month. The water overflowed like a water temple. The Buddha statues collapsed and the river poured back. More than ten coffins were sent out. People were terrified. There were rumors everywhere that a coffin inside had been lost. The leader was very angry and sent sifangqi to look for clues. At the right time, there was a young man in Beijing who carried a three foot black coffin. Although the coffin was small, it was enough to attract people's attention. The young man was unaware. He swaggered down the street and found a restaurant to live in. Unfortunately, the young man walking alone was entangled by a footman. Ye Yu, who was ordered by the teacher, didn't want to have a dispute, so he had to go with others... But what's the purpose of this unknown footman? Are the rumors in Beijing true or false?

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