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I m not a soft rice man

I m not a soft rice man

I m not a soft rice man

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    I m not a soft rice man
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    Passion Novel
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2023-02-26 03:08:28
"If one day, ordinary food has no taste and can't satisfy your hunger. Only by eating soft food can you normally absorb nutrition and live, what should you do?" on July 5, 2123, Dadong, I was called "the king of soft rice", "the little white faced grandmaster", "the hormone of walking", "the highest state of eating soft rice", "the scum man of Tianzi brand" by Internet users in the East... the reason is that my actions were exposed by the whole network I apologize for this, but I still want to shout out with decayed vocal cords "eat soft rice? Where have I ever eaten soft rice? It's just an emergency! I'm definitely not a soft rice man!!" this book is also known as; "Get sick at the beginning; don't eat soft food will die syndrome. In order to avoid being starved to death, this handsome man can only eat soft food", "follow the system, starve nine times in three days", "fall in love? I'll write you a poem, you invite me to dinner and spend money for me!" "Only three words, let women spend 380000 for me", "love without material is a plate of loose sand", "the delusion of soft rice Hougong who claims to be a second-rate female writer", "I want to go from south to north, from east to west, from east to the world, and into the hearts of Bai Fumei of all countries" "How can I be willing to eat soft food all the time when I am full of system, talent and charm?" finish the old book Shenhao is in love.

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