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Sealed Baoke dream daily

Sealed Baoke dream daily

Sealed Baoke dream daily

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    Sealed Baoke dream daily
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    Wild hunting
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    Mountain Book
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2023-02-25 03:10:06
- the murmuring sound of water in the distance - "if there is water, there may be trees and fruits. Ah! At this time, you should have a cool sweet peach fruit soaked in the stream, oh my God!" Yuanye thought to himself, the speed of his hand was not slow, threw out six elf balls, flashed white, and six baokemeng appeared on the grass. "Yibu Qingmian bird, you two go along the sound of the water to find out if there is any pink fruit we often eat. Yes, it's round. When you find it, come back and call me. I'm ready... Ah!" Before he finished, ghost had run away, and the field had to wave to IBU and green cotton bird, He shouted at the ghost who was about to disappear at the edge of the forest: "don't mess with the previous Ba Da butterfly! Be careful to be beaten by fat again!" looking at the direction where the ghost disappeared, the field muttered: "Ba Da butterfly, you must beat him again to give him a long memory." you don't need to see that the leaves in the grass over there fluctuate slightly, which is the sleeping walking grass. "Although baokemeng of the grass system likes the sun, there are few walking grass that sleep when they see the sun. Hey, hey ~ "Yuanye thought and looked at nidolino lying next to the walking grass. Yuanye knew that the boy looked asleep, but in fact he was awake. With him, the sleeping walking grass was safe. as for the armored shellfish, the armored shellfish were where they ate. No, guarding the backpack in the field, the two shells opened and closed, rattling, as if to say: "Dry ha, rice, hurry up." looking down at the Tibetan mountain pattern on the palm of his hand, Yuanye sighed: "it's another sunny afternoon ~“

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