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Ode to the netherworld of the Three Kingdoms

Ode to the netherworld of the Three Kingdoms

Ode to the netherworld of the Three Kingdoms

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    Ode to the netherworld of the Three Kingdoms
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    Giant ship
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    Day Books
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2023-01-30 18:53:30
When Liu Bei saw Zhang Fei asking for war, he was worried about his safety. The key was that he was not sure of winning. He whispered to Zhang Fei: "let the second brother go. He has immortal Qi to protect his body, but you don't!" Zhang Fei said: "I also have immortal Qi attached to my body. My eldest brother doesn't know about it these years. My third brother is already a Dharma protector of Quanzhen sect. It's different from usual!" when Liu Bei heard this, he was half convinced: "really? Why do you all have immortal Qi to protect your body? I'm a layman!" Zhang Fei said with a smile, "elder brother is the son of the real dragon. Where are ordinary people?! if he is reincarnated, he must enter the imperial family and enjoy the best wealth in the world. How can our illusory names in the three realms compare with the benefits of elder brother?!" Liu Bei said, "then go on and be careful! Stop when you're good!" Zhang Fei said, "order!" the ghost story of the Three Kingdoms begins

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