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Undead manipulation

Undead manipulation

Undead manipulation

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    Undead manipulation
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    Empty smoke
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2023-02-19 21:30:22
"Ghosts in the night are whispering, magic tools at dawn are defiled, clowns are singing and dancing in the dark, masks are jealous in the light, once yearned for light, now they create darkness, people fear darkness, but they incarnate into darkness, the dead hate light, but bring light, the emergence of the Savior is just the voice of the dead!" ----------- "are you coming?" On a deserted planet, the purple robed boy smiled, and a strange and incomparable breath came out, just like the most evil force in the world "Shure, the leader of the S-level first team of the power execution team, led the team to learn." sure enough, six white figures suddenly appeared in the void in the distance. They were different, but their strength was incomparable. The leader is as unfathomable as an abyss "ridiculous without self-examination!" the purple robed boy sighed and shook his head. Behind him, a painted black stone door suddenly appeared, followed by a "bang!" sound. The stone door slowly opened, and a burst of evil laughter came out for a moment the purple robed boy looked sad. He shrugged, "Hey, I thought I could be happier!" he walked back with melancholy on his face. Behind him, a skeleton smiled strangely at the fresh blood, and a piece of white robe stained with blood slowly flew up "gather and prepare to attack the second blue star!"

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