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Character improvement program

Character improvement program

Character improvement program

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    Character improvement program
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    Liar a
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    Day Books
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2023-03-18 16:30:55
In order to change his character, the male leader "Guan Yuehan" entered a dream... After some tossing and turning, he found that he was crossing rather than in the dream... In order to survive and find the ring to cross back, the male leader had to enter the city master's house of tiger city with the help of "Taoist Yi" and marry the ugly daughter "Chen Yiyan" of the city master "Chen Hongshen"... The Tiger City incident, The male leader found that he was just a chess piece of Taoist Yi... Feeling guilty, the male leader decided to help the city leader recapture the tiger city and use the night devil "killer organization" to recapture the ring from the Lei family... From then on, the male leader became the little Lord of the night devil and started a life of killing the Lei family by various means... When the dust settled, But again found that all this is just a bureau set up by Juhu city to deal with the Lei family···

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