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Duan Yu s modern life

Duan Yu s modern life

Duan Yu s modern life

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    Duan Yu s modern life
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    There are fish in the water
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    Hotel novel
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2023-03-24 05:35:43
Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan take four colored fairy fruits! When the thunder comes down, Duan Yu is praised for protecting Wang Yuyan and bumping into the thunder with his body! That fruit is indeed the four colored fruits of yin and Yang, which is the spiritual root bred by heaven and earth. Those who have a chance get it, but those who have no chance don't know it. The fruit has two Yin and Yang, and the Yin can only be taken at night. Food is reborn and does not fall into samsara. Yang can only be taken during the day. There are immortal roots in the place of food, and the Xia can rise in the morning and evening. But this fruit is against the sky and is taboo by the sky. There is a thunder robbery when it is taken! The robber Lei changed for some reason and hit Duan Yu, who sacrificed his life to save his wife. Although he had nothing to do, he passed through the modern world thousands of years later. Once Duan Yu was born, he was determined to save people... Duan Yu had to find a way to go back while living in modern society!

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