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Conan s 2890 exploration

Conan s 2890 exploration

Conan s 2890 exploration

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    Conan s 2890 exploration
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    60% crazy
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    365 Books
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2023-03-18 15:36:48
This is a dangerous world. They are the taboos who once saw things they shouldn't see. The world has given them results: since you want to, watch it they have become "sinners", a group of "strange" and "people" who can't understand. After a long time, shunshun rope climbed to the top again. In those invisible corners, he groped for the way forward bit by bit and peeped quietly at the edge of the world... from a certain time, the whole world became strange, time, space, people and things... Everything began to twist. They became "fugitives" and he was the only one left, Otherwise, keep the line of suspected life they are dirty, they are twisted, they do everything they can to make both sides comfortable and try their best to achieve the best balance in their hearts he makes your daughter feel unhappy, but people really can't hate it

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