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I have a recycling bin in the heavens

I have a recycling bin in the heavens

I have a recycling bin in the heavens

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    I have a recycling bin in the heavens
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    Strange orange
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    Cool Novel
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2023-01-27 00:10:36
"Open the door, your express has arrived." "what's this time?" "Tauren mask can make people lose their mind, incarnate tauren, and make indiscriminate attacks within their field of vision." "what's the use of it?" "Don't worry, there is also a fake wheel eye. Changing these eyes can make people lose their light forever." "Hey, hey, are you teasing me?" "don't you have a recycle bin here? You can use your ability to turn waste into treasure." "try..." After the golden light flashes, the Tauren mask and the fake wheel eye merge together. [nine cattle one eye]: the caster pulls the enemy's spirit into the magic space, and the caster will incarnate as Tauren and bear great physical and mental pain in the magic world. ... "eh, why is there another cat here?" "Shh... This is not an ordinary cat. Her real identity is actually a cat girl!" "why would someone abandon such a good thing!" "because she is also a girl." the cat girl changed, "master, please tell the cat girl! Meow ~"

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