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Biography of Dong Zhuo through the Three Kingdoms

Biography of Dong Zhuo through the Three Kingdoms

Biography of Dong Zhuo through the Three Kingdoms

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    Biography of Dong Zhuo through the Three Kingdoms
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    Wave chasers in the South China Sea
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The Three Kingdoms, we all say, is written on rotten street. There is no theme to choose. They are all famous women. But I love the Three Kingdoms. I also want to write my own three kingdoms. I also want to feel the hot-blooded and extraordinary years! It is also a new attempt for me personally and a new angle for the officials in 2100, hundreds of years have passed since Xiang Sheng (Xiang Shaolong), the pioneer of crossing, crossed back to the Qin Dynasty. Scientists decided that the crossing failed. Long Sheng (long er Bao), a national population researcher, was ordered to travel back to the Han Dynasty in an attempt to interfere with or change the historical process and avoid the occurrence of five random Hua this book is a biography of what happened after long Erbao suddenly returned to Vietnam and lost Dong Zhuo's body at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. See how he rectifies the administration of officials, improves people's livelihood, recuperates with the people, competes for hegemony with the princes of the Eastern Han Dynasty, whether long Erbao can finally cross back and whether the task is completed. Please listen to me.

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